THE SOMALI DAGGER (Excerpts from chapters)
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Crosspiece - part of the dagger handle equipped with double-sided front stops (limiters) on the side of the blade

Mulla Hassan - Said Mohammed Abdille Hassan is a Somali religious leader, the founder of the dervish state, who for more than 20 years led the fight against the British and Italian colonialists in Somalia. He is considered the national hero of the country. For fearlessness and cruelty, the British nicknamed Hasan "The Mad Mullah" //

Seals (United States Navy SEALs (acronym SEAL: English Sea - sea, Air - air, Land - land; literally: English Seals - seals, seals) - the main tactical unit of the Special Operations Forces of the Navy The United States, in operational terms subordinate to the Special Operations Command of the US Armed Forces, is designed to conduct reconnaissance, conduct special and sabotage measures, search and rescue operations and perform other tasks //

Dervish - Muslim Mendicant Monk

Scophthalm fish - kalkanovye, or scophthalmous (lat. Scophthalmidae), - a family of ray-finned fishes from the order of flatfish //

The Leopard Society is a secret society in West Africa that practiced ritual murder and cannibalism. Actively acted in the XIX - second half of the XX century. in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, as well as Nigeria. In 1895, Sierra Leone drafted the first law to suppress the activities of the Leopard Society - its members were automatically considered criminals. By the beginning of the 20th century, the activities of the leopard people within Sierra Leone had weakened, spreading to neighboring countries. In the second half of the twentieth century. society has intensified in Nigeria. The authorities launched a campaign against the leopard people: a curfew was imposed, a bounty was appointed for the heads of members of the society. Ritual killings have ceased, but there is still debate about whether adherents of the leopard cult still exist or not //

The Python of Selwang - The peoples living in the northeast of Lake Victoria have a legend about the python god Selwang, who lives in the lake. Three African clans: Baganda, Wawanga and Kamalamba consider it their totem and pay special honors to the python, whose temple is located in the city of Budu. //

Ngai - (Engai) - the god of rain, thunder and lightning among the Masai, Kamba and Kikuyu in Kenya. Among the Masai, Ngai is the patron saint of the sky, the thunderer and at the same time the tribal god of war, to whom the Masai turned for help during their military campaigns. In the myths of these peoples, Ngai also acts as a cultural hero, a demiurge who settled people on earth, taught them how to extract iron, established a type of activity, in particular, assigning the Massai to be cattle breeders, the Kamba and Kikuyu to engage in agriculture, and the Ndorobo people to hunt animals. //

Tafari is fearsome // African male names

Mambo is a white sorceress of the voodoo cult, a priestess whose activities are aimed at receiving predictions from spirits during possession //

Eyo - joy // African women's names

Irimu is a werewolf man. The African Kikuyu tribes have a legend about the cannibal Ilim, who can periodically turn into a man. Among the Tswana tribe, such a creature is called Irimu, it also knows how to turn into a human. Associated with leopard, or werewolf panther //

Totem - in some primitive beliefs: an animal, sometimes a plant or some other object that is the subject of a cult and is considered the ancestor of the tribe //

Initiation - initiation - a rite that marks the transition of an individual to a new stage of development within the framework of any social group or mystical society

The African Great Lakes are one of the largest lakes in Africa, located in and around the East African Rift Valley. It includes Lakes Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world, and Tanganyika, the second deepest and by volume in the world. The term Greats is borrowed from the American Great Lakes. List of lakes in order from largest to smallest: Victoria, Tanganyika, Nyasa (Malawi), Rudolf (Turkana), Edward, Albert, Kivu

Budd - the night // African male names

Syed is happy // African male names

Monifa is a chatterbox // African women's names

Ganju is a wild cat // African male names

Tabo - joy // African male names

Gachi is a small river // African women's names

Styling - external tuning of a car to give it a new look. The same concept includes the refinement of the interior to suit your taste and needs. The trend emerged in 1979, after the famous American artist, who was the founder of pop art, Andy Warhol, painted a racing car

Jituku is cunning // African male names

Black Panther - Black leopard - dark-colored individuals of a number of panther species, representing a genetic variant of color - a manifestation of melanism. The black panther is not an independent species, it is a leopard (Asian, African) or a jaguar. Also "panther" is the name of the genus of animals in the feline family, whose representatives (lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar) are mostly red or spotted, and not black. //

Maize - sweet corn, also mai & # 769; s - annual herbaceous cultivated plant

Chika - wisdom // African female names

Kat - A genus of evergreen shrubs. Since ancient times in Africa, fresh or dried khat leaves have been used for chewing or brewing as a mild stimulant drug.

Albinos in Africa - Light-skinned blacks are one of the most persecuted groups in Africa. The birth of such a child, according to beliefs, is a very bad sign. African albinos are often victims of ritual killings //

Olduvai is a gorge in the north of Tanzania. It is a 40 km long crevice along the Serengeti Plains in the Ngorongoro Protected Area, about 100 m deep and 250 km² in area. In the gorge there is a museum of anthropology and human evolution "Olduvai Goj", which presents the remains of the predecessors of modern man and prehistoric animals //

Masa & # 769; i-Ma & # 769; ra is a nature reserve in the southwest of Kenya. It is the northern extension of the Serengeti National Park. The reserve is named after the Maasai tribe - the traditional population of the region and the Mara River. Masai Mara is famous for the large variety of animals living in it //

Kraal is a type of settlement among the pastoralists of South and East Africa. A ring-shaped settlement, usually fortified with a hedge, with a cattle corral in the center

An adobe dwelling, an adobe house is a dwelling built using the so-called "adobe" - a composite that consists of clay, sand and straw

Troy ounce is a unit of measure for mass, equal to 31.1034768 grams. In the modern world, a troy ounce is widely used in banking, jewelry, to measure the weight of precious metals, as well as in some other areas, for example, in the cosmetics industry to measure the weight of especially valuable ingredients // / Troy_weight

Kwezi - born on Sunday // African male names

Rangers - (from the English ranger - "wanderer", "hunter", "forester", "huntsman", "mounted policeman"). Rangers work in African national parks. Basically, the rangers are the police. But their main task is to protect nature and the animal world //

Tourist Police - a police unit that is engaged in the protection of the life and property of tourists

Radio collar is a satellite collar designed to track the movements of wild and farm animals. The collar allows you to track the location, movement and migration routes of animals. Determining the location of the animal is carried out automatically using the GPS global positioning network

The city of sorcerers Hemabu is located on the border of Sierra Leone and Liberia //

Burial by African tribes. It is customary for many African peoples to leave the body of a deceased person on the terrace in front of the house, where it can be for several days or even several months, fumigated with aromatic herbs. Before starting parting with the deceased and the burial process, relatives should make sure that the soul of the deceased did not want to return and finally left the body // Funeral rites as an element of the traditional culture of the peoples of tropical and South Africa

Anais is a female name derived from the name of the ancient Persian goddess of fertility and love Anaita //

Toyota Hilux is a pickup truck manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation. The machine, due to its simplicity, functionality and maintainability, has earned immense popularity around the world, in particular in Africa.

Sabir - patient, persistent // African male names

Toggle switch - a small mechanical switch for electric current for two or three positions

Zuberi is strong // African male names

Ancestral Village - Africans believe that death is a transitional step into another world. The main goal of the funeral ritual in traditional African society is to help the deceased go through the difficult path and get to the village of ancestors, to become an equal member of the society of the dead // Funeral rituals as an element of the traditional culture of the peoples of tropical and South Africa

Primates - a detachment of mammals, including, in particular, monkeys and humans
Changa - African moonshine, strong alcoholic drink

Peter Tosh is a Jamaican singer, guitarist, composer, one of the most popular and influential reggae performers in the 1960s 70s. Grammy Award Winner //

Swahili is the language of the Swahili people and one of the most significant languages ​​of the African continent in terms of the number of speakers. Swahili is the official language in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, the official language of the East African Community //

Carbuncle (an outdated term) is a general name for precious and semi-precious stones of red color, usually garnet varieties. "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" is a work from the series "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by Arthur Conan Doyle //


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